Bespoke What??

be-spoke   adjective  Made to fit a particular person. Dealing in or producing custom made articles.

Many things make us unusual, but perhaps the most is our penchant for bespoke work, or unique, one of a kind items made to order. Understandably, one would normally not equate cooperage with "one of kind", but in our case, this is frequently the norm.


Most commonly, our bespoke work takes the form of custom made barrels for dispensing vinegars, oils, barrel aged cocktails, wine and ciders both regular and hard. These casks are almost always finished to a high degree with a hand rubbed food grade poly, lined with our proprietary USP grade waxes, fitted with brass or stainless steel spigots, rest on custom made cradles and sport CNC and laser engraved heads - there's virtually no limit to what can be done.

In addition to conventional cask work, we are also called upon for ancillary items: special release neck tags, deep engraved barrel head signs and bar stool seats, beer sampler trays, custom bottle packaging, barrel themed displays and much more. Take a moment to watch the slideshow and see some of the custom work we've done.

Do you have something unique in mind for your distillery or brewery? By all means contact us and let's talk it though - believe us, no idea is too wild to consider!

We are committed to protecting the environment. Our woods are locally sourced through SFI and FSC certified mills; our cooperage is powered via a photo-voltaic array and operates under a zero landfill initiative.

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5-gallon Oktoberfest Barrel

5-gallon American White Oak pressurized Oktoberfest beer barrel may be tapped with a wooden spigot and mallet. USP grade wax lined and fitted with proprietary CO2 line to provide dispensing pressure. Whiteface Mountain Wilmington, NY