How We Are Different...

You may think a cooperage is a cooperage, but it's just not so - here's what sets us apart...

  • Northern Grown Woods

All of our raw materials are sourced from Northeastern forests, and for good reason. If you've ever lived in the Northeast, you've experienced the challenging weather conditions with harsh, long winters and hot, short summers. These extremes, in combination with thin, rocky soils, stress the Oak, imparting a unique terroir to the wood. Universally our barrels are known for their smooth, sweet Oak tones, highly aromatic nose and layered flavor. The wood is super dense, has low tannin and high heartwood extractives - a distinctly different profile.

  • Air Dried, Never Kiln Dried

While high temperature kilns speed the drying process, they also produce bland barrels. There are hundreds of volatile organic compounds in White Oak, compounds you want in your spirits. Kiln drying drives many of those compounds out, leaving in it's wake a bland barrel which just under performs.​ While air drying takes years, especially in the cold Northeast, you're rewarded with a barrel which yields a rich, deep and layered profile.

  • Wide Range of Sizes, Products

The very first barrels we ever built were 8' in length; the next were 6"​! Honestly. Over the years, the space between has been filled not only with other sizes, but quite a list of products. Barrel head signs, beer samplers, dispensing barrels, display barrels, cabana and sauna barrels (we kid you not), beer barrels, neck tags, bespoke work, rain barrels, foudre tanks, point of sale displays and more. We know of no other single cooperage with such breadth and depth of product.

  • Woods Other Than Oak

One of our specialties. From inception we've been intrigued with the flavors from woods other than White Oak, a quest which continues to this day. Contact us for additional information on woods and availability.

  • We Manufacture Our Own Components

Today, a modern cooperage is usually more of an assembly facility than a full manufacturing plant. Most buy their staves, heading, bands and bungs then assemble those components into barrels. We however, manufacture all of our wooden and metal components in house and to our spec.

We are committed to protecting the environment. Our woods are locally sourced through SFI and FSC certified mills; our cooperage is powered via a photo-voltaic array and operates under a zero landfill initiative.

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