Dispensing Barrels...

Our Distilled Spirit Barrels may be configured as dispensing barrels for use with barrel aged cocktails, vinegar, wine, oils, cider or beer. Unlike anything on the market, our barrels are absolutely the best available; here's why:

  • USP Grade Wax Lining.

Unlike common beeswax linings offered by others, our pharmaceutical grade, proprietary wax is USP rated, completely odorless and tasteless, will neither transfer nor retain flavors, is totally inert, remains flexible and has a much higher melting point. Simply put, there is no finer lining on the market.

  • Highest Quality Spigots.

Unlike the cheap, unsanitary, imported wooden ​spigots on the market, we offer a variety of high quality brass and stainless steel spigots. All of our spigots may be removed from the barrel at any time for cleaning, making for a completely sanitary configuration. Brass and stainless steel spigots screw securely into proprietary 304 stainless steel threaded inserts.

  • CO2 Blanket / Low Pressure Dispensing.

For dispensing beer or for liquids needing to be kept from oxidation, we offer a CO2 pressurization and blanketing option. Made of 100% 304 stainless steel it connects the barrel to your CO2 tank and regulator via a 1/4" ID hose. (Also see our carbon dioxide blanketing/dispensing kit for any barrel).

  • Finest Fit and Finish.

Unlike standard mill grade finishes, your barrel can be optionally done in a presentation grade finish. The carefully sanded body and heads are finished with two coats of hand rubbed food grade poly to give a lustrous, protective finish to the barrel.

  • Heavy Duty Cradle.

Our stylish, heavy duty cradles are made from nominal 2" Northern White Oak and may be finished to match the look of the barrel.

  • Laser and CNC Engraved Heads.

Your logo, company name or virtually anything may be laser engraved or deep CNC engraved in the head(s) of the barrel.

  • Barrel Aged Cocktail Drain Kit.

If you're aging cocktails in a back-of-house barrel then serving from a front-of-house dispensing barrel, we offer THE easiest way to transfer the cocktails barrel to barrel. With our drain kit, simply drill a hole in the aging barrel head and thread in the components for a totally sanitary and easy way to fill your dispensing barrel. Click here for additional information.

  • ​Changeable Heads.

Because a dispensing barrel may be used for many different beverages, we developed an changeable head system to keep the barrel updated with the latest contents. The changeable head "skins" are white oak on metal and simply snap over the permanent head affixed to the barrel. Each changeable head may be laser engraved, stenciled or be our unique chalkboard head​ and kept current on a moments notice.

With so many options and available features, it can be overwhelming to know how to configure your barrel - that's why we're here to help. Simply contact us at any time, tell us what you're looking to do and let an experienced cooper guide you through to the perfect solution.

Oktoberfest 2016 Beer Barrel Tapping

We are committed to protecting the environment. Our woods are locally sourced through SFI and FSC certified mills; our cooperage is powered via a photo-voltaic array and operates under a zero landfill initiative.

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