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Sure we build barrels and tanks; that's what a cooperage does! But there's much more to our story. We've long listened to requests from clients looking for innovative products to market their spirits and brews, and we've always risen to the occasion. Here is a sample of some of those fruitful collaborations:

Bottle Neck Tags

Made from the same quarter-sawn North American White Oak used in our barrels, these neck tags are perfect to differentiate limited release spirits from the standard, and no label change nor TTB approval needed. Virtually any shape, size, text or image may be laser engraved into the 1/8" thick wood. 


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Barrel Stave Beer Samplers

Our barrel stave beer sampler trays are truly unique. Made from actual 30-gallon barrel staves (complete with original char) and drilled to fit your glassware, these samplers allow the glass to sit on the bar or table for stability, but when picked up capture the glass allowing it to gimble and remain upright, even if tilted; no more broken glassware! May be deep laser engraved with your artwork, stained to your spec before being sealed in multiple finish coats to protect from water. 

CO2 Dispensing/Blanketing Kit

Have an existing barrel you'd like to dispense from, or one full of beer or wine which must be protected from oxygen? With our CO2 dispensing kit you can inject low pressure carbon dioxide into almost any barrel. Hook your existing CO2 tank, regulator, backflow valve and 1/4" ID hose to our adapter and dispense at the perfect rate with no breakthrough. The CO2 also displaces the oxygen and blankets the surface of the liquid minimizing oxidation - perfect for beer, wine and cider. Kit includes 100% stainless steel components - simply drill a hole in your existing barrel, screw the adapter in and attach to your CO2 system. 

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Barrel Spigot Kits

Unlike the cheap, unsanitary, imported wooden spigots, we offer a line of brass and stainless steel spigots and stainless steel inserts for virtually any barrel. Completely sanitary and totally tight, the spigot may be removed from the barrel at any time for cleaning. The brass gooseneck spigot is appropriate for most non-acidic liquids; use the stainless steel versions for vinegar or other acidic applications.

Barrel Aged Cocktail Drain Kit

If you're barrel aging cocktails, you'll appreciate this easy to use and completely sanitary drain kit to transfer the cocktail from the back-of-house aging to the front-of-house dispensing barrel. Everything you'll need is included: threaded bushing, quarter turn valve, barbed hose adapter and 4' of food grade clear tubing. All metal components are 100% stainless steel, can easily be disassembled for cleaning and can be installed in virtually any barrel.


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We are committed to protecting the environment. Our woods are locally sourced through SFI and FSC certified mills; our cooperage is powered via a photo-voltaic array and operates under a zero landfill initiative.

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