New Dispensing Barrels Released

For several years we've been been listening carefully to your requests for a proper dispensing barrel, and after a ton of R&D we believe we have the ultimate answer.

But before we begin, just what is it we're talking about, you ask? Well, for the folks selling gourmet vinegar, bars needing to dispense barrel aged cocktails, retailers selling specialty olive or nut oils and of course cider makers needing to dispense regular and hard ciders, there exists a need for a special type of barrel to handle these products. Up until now the standard cheap import barrels with unsanitary wooden spigots and thin, re-purposed wood were unable to withstand the extreme acid of vinegar, penetrating nature of oils and the delicate taste of wine.

Our approach was to engineer a totally new line of barrels designed from the start to handle all of these extremes and more; here's what makes them different from everything else on the market:

1. The Lining.

Any liquid in contact with raw oak undergoes some taste change, plus it will leave behind a taste of it's own, influencing the next liquid. Working with premiere distillation chemists, we developed a proprietary USP grade blend of waxes to line the inside and prevent liquid from coming into contact with the oak. Unlike the bees wax lining of others, our lining is completely inert, unscented, will neither impart nor transfer taste, completely coats the interior, has a high melting temperature, remains flexible and will withstand the extreme acidity of vinegar as well as high proof alcohol. The barrel can be easily rinsed with hot water and sanitized in minutes.

2. Real Spigots.

The cheap wooden and cork spigots supplied with imported barrels were never designed to withstand the rigors of constant use and are completely unsanitary. For our line, we chose all metal spigots in either brass or stainless steel with either UHMW/stainless steel balls or lifetime warrantied ceramic valve components. Spigots are threaded into a proprietary 304 stainless steel adapter and may be removed at any time for a completely sanitary delivery system.

3. Heavy Duty Oak Barrel.

Unlike cheap imports, our barrels are made from 100% virgin, quarter sawn, full 1" thick North American White Oak, not from old pallets or used tequila barrels. Our bands are hot dip galvanized heavy steel, not reused pallet strapping as on others. Every aspect of these barrels is meant for heavy, daily use.

4. Made in the USA.

While they try to hide it and make it seem like they're made in the USA through carefully worded advertising, the other small barrels are actually made in Mexico and sold by many different retailers. Ask where your barrels come from - we're proudly made, 100%, here in the US.

5. Wide Range of Sizes.

At this time we offer dispensing barrels in 2.5-gallon, 5-gallon, 10-gallon and 15-gallon sizes.

Questions? Just contact us to speak with one of our experienced coopers and get all the answers!

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