Barr Hill Tom Cat Aged In 100% VT Oak Barrels

Caledonia Spirits released a new expression of their Tom Cat barrel aged gin this weekend at the Made In Vermont Marketplace. This new limited release was aged in barrels made from 100% Vermont White Oak, giving the spirit a new and distinctly unique terroir. The barrels are the first to be made from Vermont native North American White Oak since prohibition, and US Barrel is very proud to have been selected to cooper them. The Oak is from a harvest done along the Lake Champlain coast about 2 years ago which was then milled and allowed to air dry in Vermont before being brought to the cooperage for manufacture.

Special release neck tags were also milled from the same Oak used for the barrels and are laser engraved with sequential bottle numbers. The tags, a mere 1/8" thick are also accompanied by a booklet telling the story behind this unique spirit. For more information on Tom Cat gin, please visit the Caledonia web site at


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